TONE that turns heads

Prices that don't.


Quality Isn't Heard

We Know Tone

24k Gold Contacts. Noiseless Tone Shield Technology™. Super Sturdy Connectors. Class.

Tone Vault Audio & Media® was formed as a recording studio business by musicians in active gigging bands. Doing work over the years in multiple facilities as well as in a mobile fashion simultaneously while playing in live gigging bands – Tone Vault staff has the experience to know why quality, performance, and longevity of cables is important as well as the demands needed for a great, “go to” top of the line product for all your professional project needs as well as live music applications. We've tried all kinds of cables and have our favorites. They however tend to have a price point not so favorable. So - we decided to craft our own and make it a little more wallet-friendly without sacrificing quality. We use these cables ourselves for our studio & music projects, and now so can you. We hope to have you join the Tone Vault family!

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