About Us.

Northern Vault Days

Matt and a fellow Hennepin Tech graduate formed Northern Vault Studios in 2006, which did work with many artists and also brought their 1st label project with Sumerian Records. After The Burial came to the studio for all the guitar tracking for their 2nd album, “Rareform,” and later tracked the vocals for the re-issue for “Rareform.” Justin from ATB later brought Your Memorial to the studio their 1st record “Seasons” which got Facedown Records attention. Northern Vault disassembled in 2009, to which Matt then partnered with Transient Audio LLC.

Transient Audio Days

Matt joined Transient Audio and more label work came through as After the Burial tracked vocals for their Sumerian release, “Wolves Within.” Many great projects went through the studio, where many bands got their start.  Matt worked under the Transient Audio name for a few years until separating to form Tone Vault Audio & Media.

Currently Tone Vault

Matt currently operates his facilities as well as freelances through Tone Vault Audio & Media. Facedown records brought Your Memorial back with drums tracking for their single, “Forever United” among many other projects including the most recent album, “Origins” from newly reformed 14 Clicks. Tone Vault is also working on expanding to other forms of audio & media solutions. More to come! 

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