What Are “Studio-Grade Audio Cables?”

If you’re in the music industry, either as a musician or a producer, you know that high-quality sound is a necessity. Not only does it lead to better music, but it keeps listeners coming back for more, too. However, do you know how to get the high-quality sound you’re after? Surprisingly, it’s often as simple as using studio-grade audio cables. But what are studio-grade audio cables? Read on as Tone Vault Audio & Media explains, then shop our audio cables to see the difference for yourself.

Durable Cables

When it comes to your microphone cable, durability is a must. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you can expect from studio-grade audio cables. A braided copper shielding minimizes interference, while the PVC jacket surrounding it protects against abrasion from regular use. At Tone Vault, our Quad Core Microphone Cable features 24k gold connectors for further protection against oxidation.

Quality Gold Connectors

Tone Vault Audio & Media goes above and beyond to provide musicians with the best, which is why we use 24k gold connectors on more than just our microphone cables. In fact, all of our studio-grade audio cables include this type of connector, including our instrument cables. 24k gold prevents pesky oxidation, ensuring your instrument cable lasts for years to come with a professional-grade connection.

Static-Free Housing

There’s not much worse than dealing with constant static as you’re trying to use your patch cables. It can ruin the quality of your sound, but with studio-grade audio cables, this won’t be a problem anymore. The patch cables from Tone Vault feature a flexible, durable, and static-free PVC outer housing layer to provide the sound quality you need.

Choose Tone Vault Cables

So, what are studio-grade audio cables? They’re professional, durable, and high-quality audio cables that are built for superior performance and impressive longevity. No matter what type of project or live music application you’re using them for, these cables will exceed your expectations. At Tone Vault Audio & Media, we’re proud to supply the exact type of studio-grade cables you need, from patch cables to microphone cables to instrument cables. Check out the quality for yourself, and shop Tone Vault audio cables now!