We offer globally competitive sound, using world class equipment - for a small town price.


 Whether it’s basics for a single, or an entire album – individually tracked or with the whole group at the same time – we got you covered, at our locations or yours. 


Do you have a project or idea captured and want a professional sounding mix? Look no further. 


Have a project captured and mixed? Need a final polish for the duplication process? We have the technology. 


Tone Vault gets its name from delivering great tone. Most of us think of amps in relation to the word – we’ve got some of the best there is, or if you need something different we’ll find the perfect rig.


Play through videos, no problem. Live shows? Lets hope they soon start up again! Music video project – Let us know your thoughts!


Need help with your project? We’re here to oversee your hit’s production and organize the process into a cohesive and productive effort. We’ll make suggestions for edits and alterations if needed, or work with other professionals to ensure the song or record comes out as well as possible, if requested.