4 Mistakes Musicians Make When Recording

There’s a lot that goes into making professional-sounding recordings – from the musicians themselves to the equipment and studio they’re recording in. Unfortunately, many amateurs and beginning musicians make common mistakes that can ruin their recordings. In this article, Tone Vault Audio & Media will discuss four of the most common mistakes musicians make when recording, and how to avoid them.

An audio board in a studio.

Improper Audio Mastering

One of the most common mistakes made during the recording process is improper audio mastering. Audio mastering is the process of taking recorded audio and preparing it for distribution — this includes adjusting levels, EQ, compression, and more. Many amateur musicians try to do this themselves, but unless they have professional experience, it’s very easy to make recordings that sound muddy, thin, or otherwise unprofessional. One thing that can also affect this is not having the proper recording equipment.

A band practicing.

Not Practicing Enough

Another common mistake musicians make is not practicing enough before going into the studio. Renting out a studio to record your music can be a very exciting thing — it lets you know that you are taking another big step in your music career. However, not practicing enough can mean that you’ll be spending more time in the studio or coming out of it without good takes to master in the future. This can easily turn into a very expensive problem since you are renting the studio by the hour.
Practicing is not only to polish your skills, but it’s also a way to grow as the artist you are and a way to tell yourself (and the world) that you are committed to your craft and are pushing every boundary to offer people the music that they’ll love!

Audio cables connected to equipment.

Poor Quality Audio Cables

Another common mistake is using poor-quality audio cables. This might not seem like a big deal, but using professional, quad-core microphone cables can make a world of difference in the sound quality of your recordings. The same goes for every cable you use — whether it is in the studio or while playing a gig — bad cables can distort the sound or, sometimes, be bad enough to not provide sound at all. For this and many other reasons, having the proper high-quality cables, like the ones we sell at Tone Vault Audio & Media, can help you dial your music in and help you deliver the sound you want.

Music instruments.

Not Checking Your Equipment

One final mistake to be aware of is not checking your equipment before you start recording. This includes everything from your microphones to your instruments and amps. It’s important to make sure everything is in good working condition before you start, as even a small issue can cause big problems down the line. Here are some things that you might want to consider:

  • Instruments are Tuned
  • Double Check All Microphones Are Connected
  • You Are Receiving Input From Every Instrument
  • There Are No Odd Sounds Coming Through to the Recording

Improve Your Audio and Upgrade Your Tone Today

Avoiding these four common mistakes will go a long way in helping you produce professional-sounding recordings. One of the things that would almost automatically improve your sound quality is using the high-quality audio cables offered by Tone Vault Audio & Media. Check out our store today to purchase our products or contact us today to learn more about these products or our studio services in Elk River!