Client List

Here are some of the bands & musicians that have helped make this studio successful over the years

After the Burial

Justin Lowe (RIP, Brother…) & Matt attended college together in Hennepin Tech’s Audio Engineering Program so naturally working together was only natural. ATB spent a month in the studio in 2007 back in the Northern Vault days tracking guitars & vocals for the “Rareform” album for their debut for Sumerian Records. They returned again in 2008 for the Rareform “re-issue” which captured Anthony’s vocals with a new approach. Wolves within brought Ant back to the studio again as well. 

Your Memorial

Justin Lowe from After the Burial brought this band in back in the Northern Vault days to record guitars, drums and vocals for their debut album “Seasons.” We tracked drums again for their release of “Forever United.”

I Am Vengeance

IAV is the brainchild of Tone Vault’s founder Matt Seely. The band was conceived after a few tryouts in the local MPLS area in his college days – after meeting drummer Rob, and Vocalist Mike Fisketti from Martyr AD/Enola Grey – the album “Infect the Earth” came together in the studio during the “Transient Audio” days in 2013. 


Melodic death metal band Aetheric recorded guitar and bass and mixed their ep “Mutilated Malevolence” with drummer Matthew Paulazzo (Aegaeon, By the Thousands, Amiensus, The Zenith Passage, Decrepit Birth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Abiotic)  as well as recorded guitar & bass for their full length, “Serpents Beneath the Shrine.”

14 Clicks

14 Clicks originates back in the Northern Vault days as Matt from Tone Vault joined the band on drums,  & to record an EP for MySpace. The band changed members a few times but ultimately returned again with the original cast to re-record the band’s original EP and additional live show content with their most recent album, “Origins.”


Drummer Jerrid brought his kit in for a playthrough of their cover of A$AP Rocky’s F**ckin’ Problems. Dude’s a beast to say the least!



Kai Aleckson

Driving Through

Hollow Ground




Fury of 1000 Suns


The Number 7

MN Mooney & MicQa